Franchising is a great way to start a digital signage business, and franchising with Signarama is a step toward a bright and successful future. We’re the largest sign franchise in the world and an innovator in the industry. We’ll start you off with all of the tools and resources you need to succeed – why go with anyone else but the best in the business?

The digital signage market was valued at nearly $22B in 2020, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.5% by 2028. The market is expected to continue to see high demand for signage, as new stores and businesses are opening all the time, all requiring signage to stay competitive. When you become a franchise owner with Signarama, you can help fulfill that demand and become the go-to resource for other businesses.

Ready to Become Your Own Boss?

If you want to become your own boss and are looking at starting a business, consider franchising with Signarama. Many times new business owners don’t have the capital or know-how to go it alone, and our strong opportunity that makes the process smoother and easier, comes complete with a foundation and pedigree to stick around for the long haul.

Franchises provide a solid business model that’s been proven to work. We’ve eliminated the need for new owners to come up with hiring requirements, training processes, sales protocols, and many other details that it takes to launch and run a business.

Our franchisees aren’t required to have any prior experience in printing, design, or sign sales. Many of our current franchisees weren’t experts in the field when they started, but they found that our extensive training and ongoing support put them on the path to success. We’ll give you access to our state-of-the-art technology and equipment, industry research and knowledge, and the best deals by providing you with our trusted vendors and supplier network.

Our Turnkey Investment

The Signarama turnkey franchise investment makes ownership easy! Your investment gets you virtually everything you need to get started.

Our franchise fee of $49,500 gives you the right to do business, provides you access to our trademark and logo, and arms you with our operations manual. It’s recommended that $60,000 of liquid capital is required to keep your business financially stable until it begins to turn a profit. Investments range from $200,000 to $215,000 and include everything you need for operations, including furniture, fixtures, equipment, software, and more!

Steps to Ownership

It’s just a few easy steps to become a Signarama owner. First, contact us! A representative will get in touch to review your financial and background qualifications. Next, complete your due diligence and review our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). The FDD will provide you with all pertinent information regarding the Signarama opportunity, as well as more information about our company.

From there, you’ll attend a Discovery Day where you’ll have the opportunity to meet the Signarama franchise team, and by way of an interview, we’ll have a chance to meet and get to know you better too! At that point in the process, you can submit your application, and upon review and approval, we’ll kick off our real estate support, training, and more to get your store ready for opening.

Investing with Signarama is investing in yourself. As a trusted brand with a proven business model, we’ve removed the guesswork and will supply you with our tried-and-true systems, manuals, and training guides. We’re here to help you through every step of the process, including financing, site selection, training, and staffing.

Become your own boss next year by starting a digital signage business with Signarama!

Ready to learn more about Signarama’s digital signage business? Contact us today!